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Construction waste crushing station

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Luoyang Zhongtai Industrial Co., LTD., established in 2007, is a professional company specializing in the production and manufacturing of construction waste crushing station, mobile construction waste crushing station, construction waste resource treatment, efficient crushing, screening equipment, washing equipment and wear-resistant materials. The company won the 2009-2010 China Honest Enterprise.

 The construction waste crushing station produced by our company has realized the mobility, convenience, economy and low carbon of the equipment, which has the leading level in China and has been praised by the majority of users for its efficient, reliable and stable performance

For more than ten years, the company has been adhering to the close cooperation with scientific research institutes for a long time. In 2009, the company developed the country's first mobile/fixed construction waste crushing station, and obtained four national patents, filling the market gap of complete construction waste equipment, and has achieved good results in the experimental application in Kunming, Yunnan province and other places. For the city construction waste this difficult to deal with the stubborn disease to find a way out.

 The comprehensive utilization project of construction waste crushing station independently researched and developed by our company can make comprehensive utilization of construction waste resources. It can not only realize the "reduction, resource recovery and harmless" treatment of construction waste to reduce its impact on the environment, but also reduce and reuse it by scientific management and effective measures. More than 90% of the construction waste is waste concrete, waste brick, waste mortar and other construction materials. By using the crusher to classify, break and screen the construction waste, the construction waste can be turned into treasure and rationally recycled. After sorting, eliminating or crushing, it can be reused as renewable resources and become the second resource of the construction industry. Such as scrap steel, scrap iron wire, scrap wire and various scrap steel accessories and other metals, after sorting, concentration, re furnace, can be reprocessed into a variety of specifications of steel; Brick, stone, concrete and other waste after broken, can be used for sand, masonry mortar, plastering mortar, concrete cushion, etc., can also be used to make blocks, paving bricks, tiles and other building materials. Brick made from construction waste has the characteristics of "three saving", "three cleaning" and "three transformation", and has the characteristics of energy saving, water saving, coal saving, clean air, clean environment and clean production. It can truly realize the reduction, resource recovery and harmlessness of construction waste. So as to realize the transformation from the traditional construction raw material building construction waste to construction raw material building construction waste recycled raw material recycling mode.

On the one hand, it solves the problem of construction waste disposal, on the other hand, it reduces the damage of construction aggregate mining to the ecological environment every year and the cost of construction aggregate production. It can save a lot of construction funds and resources and produce huge economic and social benefits. This is not only an in-depth understanding of garbage, but also an inevitable trend to protect the ecological environment in the process of urban development.

Today, construction waste is considered the most exploitable and inexhaustible "urban mine", a "misplaced resource". In the next 30 years, the "top 10 emerging technologies" will emerge, with "waste management" emerging technology ranked second. Construction waste is now the world's only growing gold mine.

Therefore, our company hopes to make a contribution to the urban construction of our city and the reconstruction of the village in the city. Under the guidance of the government, we hope to build a demonstration project of comprehensive reuse of construction waste in Luoyang, so as to find a way for the reuse of urban construction waste and completely solve the storage problem of construction waste.

Our research and development of the construction waste broken both stationary, there are also portable, can build the stationary in the given field construction waste crushing station, an hour can handle 100 to 500 tons of construction waste, can also be used in urban village reconstruction the construction waste mobile crushing station, very convenient to tow the crushing station to the construction site, can be broken production in place on the day the day, The construction waste can be immediately digested and processed to reduce transport pollution and transport costs. After the treatment of a village in the city, it can be transferred to another site for processing, which is mobile, convenient and flexible.

一、The benefits of building demonstration projects

1) Social benefits: The implementation of the project can play a good demonstration role and explore a reasonable operation mode for the "reduction", "resource recovery" and "harmless" of construction waste and the "industrialization" of comprehensive utilization of construction waste, which will help fundamentally solve the problem of urban construction waste and improve the urban health environment. It will have an important and positive influence on the work of "national civilized city" and "garden city" of Luoyang city.

2) Environmental benefits: more than 1 million tons of urban construction waste can be absorbed every year, which can save a lot of land occupied by garbage placement; The project production of aggregate instead of natural aggregate, can reduce the exploitation of non-renewable minerals; Some products of the project replace clay bricks, saving more than 200,000 m3 of soil every year, saving a lot of arable land, saving standard coal, reducing CO2, SO2 and other harmful gas emissions. The project implements the principle of proximity, which can alleviate the urban traffic pressure and environmental pollution caused by transportation.

3) Economic benefits: construction waste resource recovery projects can reduce the cost of building materials, thus driving the development of building materials, real estate and environmental protection industries, and conducive to the rapid development of regional economy.

4) Technical benefits: provide technical basis for wall material innovation and construction waste recycling technology innovation.

5) Provide social re-employment jobs.

三、construction waste treatment process and reuse of new materials

Centralized construction waste, component into professional construction waste crusher, after crushing sand particles into a powder and concrete, and then filtered through the conveyor belt to the vibrating screen, separate the lighter wood shavings, secondly the rebar, wire and other metal separation of construction waste, use the magnet device absorb separation recycling, such as steel, iron wire Third through the different screening device on the vibrating screen after crushing the output of different sizes of particles, and then transferred to the silo by conveyor belt.

Construction waste in the following steps: classification, crushing, dust removal, screening, to get different specifications of finished sand, powder. These raw materials after raw material activation, physical treatment, adding formula mixing, reasonable grading and other ten processing processes, the production of renewable environmental protection products, no matter in the compressive resistance, flexural resistance, heat insulation and other aspects have obvious advantages. More than 40 kinds of environment-friendly building materials can be developed from construction waste.

(1) The particle size of the finished product is below 12mm, these raw materials are the best raw materials for making environmental-friendly bricks and bricks. The dust collected by the dust collector can also be used to make bricks or bricks. Solid brick series has the characteristics of strong resistance to weathering and no radiation.

The finished material 12-30 mm bone stone, these aggregate can be used for building or road foundation foundation accessories. The hardness coefficient of construction waste is between 2 and 3. After crushing, the material with the hardness coefficient can be used as building accessories.

(3) Finished materials can be used for making concrete mixing, making tiles, road foundation, other building accessories, etc.;

(4) The finished materials after the construction waste treatment can be used to make light aggregate concrete, building partition with light strip, light aggregate concrete small hollow block, at the same time can produce recycled aggregate building plate, recycled aggregate mortar and other recycled products.

Can be made into paving brick, tile, partition brick, grass brick and other building materials widely used on municipal roads. Grass-planting brick has high strength, environmental protection, anti-skid and strong durability, and can be used for streets, squares, gardens and other roads.

四、social and economic benefits

1. Build China's standardized construction waste comprehensive treatment and utilization demonstration base and construction waste comprehensive treatment and utilization technology research center in our city.

2. Build the largest r & D, production and manufacturing base of comprehensive construction waste treatment equipment in China, and provide 50-100 sets of advanced, high-quality and efficient construction waste treatment and utilization equipment for the city and the whole country every year.

3, after the completion of the project can reduce the city's mining resources mining 500,000 tons per year, at the same time construction waste brick can also reduce 260,000 square meters of earth, can save 200 acres of arable land, save stacking of garbage covers an area of 130 acres, two total can save 330 acres of land.

4. Build three to five construction waste consuming fields nationwide every year, provide high quality and efficient fixed construction waste treatment equipment, which can reduce mining resources mining volume of 5 million tons, thus effectively protect ecological balance and reduce the waste of non-renewable resources.

5. Save energy and reduce pollution. In the process of brick making, this project can also absorb 48,000 tons of fly ash, save 16,000 tons of standard coal and reduce 144 tons of sulfur dioxide emitted by brick firing.

6. After the construction waste comprehensive treatment and reuse project is completed, 100 jobs can be placed in our city.

7, realize the construction waste "reduction, resource, harmless" treatment, reduce the impact on the environment.

 Schematic plan of land use for demonstration projects

5.1 Construction waste treatment and comprehensive reuse demonstration project planning drawing


 general process drawing and flow chart of each worksho


七 Product implementation standards


7.1 Aggregate produced by our company shall be implemented in accordance with relevant national regulations;

Stone for Construction (GB/T14685-2001), Sand for Construction (GB/T14684-2001);

The standard of Sand and Stone Quality and Inspection Method for Ordinary Concrete (JGJ52-2006) shall be implemented.

National standard of the People's Republic of China GB/T21144-2007; Concrete solid brick.

Building Materials Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China JC/T422-2007; Non-sintered waste tailings brick.

National Standard of the People's Republic of China GB/T15229-2002; Light aggregate concrete small hollow block.

Industry standard of Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China NY/T671-2003; Concrete plain brick and decorative brick.




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