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BKC series Jaw Crusher

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BKC series jaw crusher is a new jaw crusher manufactured by our company based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, according to the company's design philosophy over the years and the actual working conditions of domestic and foreign users, from the structure, material selection, processing technology, fine assembly technology and other aspects of optimization and improvement. BKC series jaw crusher is the best choice for your coarse crusher, which adopts light structure, strong durability, optimized and innovative modular design, multiple installation methods (welding type and bolt connection type are available for users to choose), no matter any material, from hard and strong abrasive rock to building waste material.

Brief introduction of jaw crusher in luoguang mine

 Jaw crusher series products are widely used in mining, smelting, construction, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries.

  It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, uniform product granulation, reasonable structure, reliable work, convenient maintenance, economical operation cost and so on, and the crushing compressive strength is not more than 320 MPa of all kinds of materials. 

Jaw crusher commonly known as jaw broken, also known as tiger mouth.

  The crusher is composed of two jaw plates, moving jaw and static jaw, which simulates the movement of the two jaws of animals to complete the crushing operation of materials.

  Widely used in mine smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries and other crushing of a variety of ores and bulk materials.

  The maximum compressive strength of the crushed material is 320MPa

 The working part of jaw crusher is two jaw plates, one is a fixed jaw plate (fixed jaw), vertical (or slightly outward inclined upper) fixed on the front wall of the body, the other is a movable jaw plate (moving jaw), the position is inclined, and the fixed jaw plate to form a large and small crushing cavity (working cavity).

 Periodically, the movable jaw plates reciprocate against the fixed jaw plates, sometimes apart,  When separated, the material enters the crushing chamber, and the finished product is discharged from the lower part;

  When approaching, the material installed between the two jaw plates is crushed by extrusion, bending and splitting.

Product advantages

1. Simple installation

Split design fully ensures that BKC series jaw crusher installation is simple and convenient, the motor and main machine integrated design installation, crusher in the user site to occupy a small space in a variety of angles to install, rational use of space.

2. Superior performance

(1) The "V" cavity is designed to ensure the maximum bite force and the best crushing performance of the equipment;

(2) Select the best quality high-grade rolling bearing, large bearing capacity and long life;

(3) High speed balance design operation, high crushing efficiency, small vibration, simple foundation, convenient installation, labor saving, lower cost.

3. Excellent cavity design

The "V" symmetrical crushing chamber design makes the actual feed width consistent with the nominal feed width, and the crushing chamber is deep, with small bite Angle and large stroke, so that the processing capacity is larger, the energy consumption is lower and the crushing performance is better.

4. Heavy-duty movable jaw assembly is durable

The heavy-duty moving jaw assembly adopts forged heavy-duty eccentric shaft, high quality heavy-duty rolling bearing, which ensures the impact resistance and high stability of the moving jaw assembly. Labyrinth seal and centralized lubrication system guarantee the grease of bearing not to be polluted, lubrication is more convenient, make it run longer and have better stability.

5. Movable jaw protection plate design

A heavy guard plate is installed above the movable jaw to avoid material impact and effectively protect the movable jaw body and its internal bearing from damage.


Technical parameters



1. The processing capacity in the table is the parameter corresponding to the rock whose broken loose density is 1.6t/m (stone density is 2.7t/m).

2. According to the nature of the material and the way of feeding, the processing capacity will change accordingly.

3. CSS is the closed side discharge port, and its measurement method is determined according to the shape of the jaw plate tooth. With different tooth shape, its processing capacity and discharge granularity will change.




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