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ZXS series vertical plastic sand making machine

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ZXS series vertical plastic sand making machine is my company to develop a new kind of sand production equipment, the equipment on the basis of the original similar equipment to analyze practical path for the material, and according to the principle of the equipment material crushing targeted the overall module design, the stone hit stone and stone while the iron is hot, the principle of clever union, in order to increase the efficiency of crushing, its performance in all kinds of ores and finely equipment plays an irreplaceable role.


ZXS series vertical plastic sand making machine is widely used in various metal and non-metal ores, refractory materials, glass raw materials, cement, abrasive, building aggregate, artificial sand making and various metallurgical slag grinding operations. Especially for river pebbles, silicon carbide, emery, sintered bauxite, magnesia and other medium hard or abrasive materials, higher than other types of crusher production efficiency, in the mechanism of sand, its crushing and shaping ability and similar products have more advantages, is the most ideal shaping sand equipment.

Product advantage

1. Simple structure, easy installation and low cost;

2. Unique rotor and cavity design, large handling capacity and high sand forming rate;

3. Good grain shape and cube shape, good flow performance of the finished product;

4. Stable operation, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving;

5. In the production process, the material is lined with self-protection to reduce the wear of the casing;

6. Increase the design of vortex cavity to store a large amount of material in the cavity, greatly saving the loss of vulnerable parts;

7. Unique design of lining plate inside the vortex cavity, which greatly saves the use cost;

8. Dual-use machine, according to the industrial and mining can quickly achieve "stone", "stone" crushing two forms;

9. The product can be divided into two types, grease lubrication and thin oil lubrication, for users to choose;

10. Thin oil lubrication has good heat dissipation and sufficient lubrication, which is more advantageous than grease lubrication;

11. Automatic control system with current overload, excessive oil temperature, excessive vibration and other protection functions (this is optional for users).




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