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Mine hoist plastic liner

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The product after more than ten years in the drum diameter 0.8 m - 6 m the various types of single rope mine hoist and testing show that the use of plastic lining compared with wood liner has the following features:

1. High mechanical strength, long service life.
Compressive strength of 7 ~ 10 times higher than the wood liner, there will not be crushed, rope groove rub inequality, more than 5 times higher than that of wood liner service life.
2. Not bibulous, light-weight.
Proportion is 0.98, are less than a wood liner after water absorption, so as not to increase the moment of inertia and the reactive power equipment.

3. The moulding, rope groove surface is smooth.
Easy installation, wire rope neatly, there will be no bite the phenomenon such as rope, rope skipping, greatly extend the service life of wire rope.

Wooden plate seriously affect the service life of wire rope, has to be eliminated;The other is a wooden plate on the drum surface installation, but due to the wood grain of lining board of the nature and direction of the copper wire rope rope is the same, very easy to rub flat convex wooden line pull.Arrange disorder resulting in copper wire rope, and a bit rope, rope skipping.In the early ninety s, our factory has developed resistant engineering plastic plate, and wooden plate than has the following advantages:

1, long service life, higher than that of wood liner tested the useful life of more than 5 times,
2, the allowable contact pressure is big, there will be no lining crush, rope groove rub equality.
3, resistance to dry, wet resistance performance is good, especially to mine used under the bad environment.
4, light weight, not bibulous, does not increase the equipment move inertia and reactive power.
5, die forming, smooth surface, size precision, easy installation, save time and effort.Steel wire rope neatly, there will be no rope "bite", "skip" wait for a phenomenon.Comparable to the installation of the wood liner. Less than half of the workload and production time.

Our company is a multi rope friction hoist liner, all kinds of winch drum plastic liner, all kinds of hoist pulley liner, all kinds of hoist steel rope layer transition between blocks, all kinds of roller and pu bag

Mine polyurethane composite roller, hoist hydraulic station and accessories and other products specializing in the production of processing manufacturers, my company's products mainly include:
A, hoist plastic lining
Second, the friction pad
Three, polyurethane products: friction liner, pulley gasket, package lugs, the tin ear, shaw, monkey car pad, roller and cage can of ear, sliding sleeve, lugs, harvesters, plum blossom pad
Four, lift head sheave guide wheel liner: ultra-high molecular head sheave guide wheel liner mat, PP head sheave block guide wheel pad, PVC pu cushion block, polyurethane pulley;Guide wheel liner block
Five, the transition piece: wire rope layer transition between blocks, transition rope wedge
Six, mining machinery spare parts, bearing, disc spring, the snake reed, belt the nailcatcher machine, belt buckle, depth indicator, coal winning machine accessories, brake shoe, brake shoe wear switch
Seven, hydraulic pneumatic accessories: differential pressure transmission device, hydraulic screw, filter cartridge, ATOS valve switch
Eight, machining, gear, crusher, mining accessories, elevator accessories, machine parts, planetary gear reducer, mining machinery


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