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Cone Crusher spare parts main shaft

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Cone crusher Main shaft introduction:
Cone crusher is a kind of wide application of crusher, main shaft is a very important part.
Cone crusher main shaft has three types: 
(1) with the cone with cylinder with ladder shaft, such as domestic, the former Soviet union, G type crusher, simmons standard and 600 short head type crusher;
(2) with the cone cylinder with no ladder shaft, such as rotary disc crusher and simmons short head type crusher;
(3) cooperate with cone USES cone shaft, such as AC at the bottom of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, the top Japanese chestnut the blacksmith single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

cone crusher Main shaft structure:

(1) dynamic cone plate mounted on the cone and plate between the cone and casting plastic packing, at the same time with the spindle nut from top to down tight by gas cutting ring lining board.Removing moving cone plate, to use oxygen cutting ring cut, lining board would be easy to remove.
(2) the main part of the top with beam bushing is equipped with the main shaft bushing, protect the spindle from wear and tear.
(3) the dust-proof sealing ring with ring retainer at the bottom of the cone, retaining ring by bolt is fixed on the cone.Dust-proof sealing ring can be freely along the collar on the trace of sliding surface, to ensure the consistent with dust cover.In order to prevent the ore grain accumulation on the outside of dust cover, under the collar also is equipped with a rubber scraper.

Except the main shaft, we can also supply most others spare parts for the crusher, such as : Main frame assembly , concave and mantle,adjustment ring assembly, head assembly, bowl assembly, movable jaw assembly, wear plate assembly, eccentric bushing,main frame bushing, protection bushing, upper bushing, all kinds of seal ring, wedges, we get these original parts from the same OEM factory, that’s why we can promise the 100% original quality.


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