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Hoist plastic lining plate

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Single-rope mine hoist plastic lining plate has the following technical features:

1. High mechanical strength, long service life. Compressive strength is 7-10 times higher than wood liner which will not cause the crushing and flatten of rope groove, so the service life is 5 times longer than the wood liner.

2. Anti-suncrack humidity resistance, suitable for the use under the severe environment and downhole condition.

3. Light specific gravity,  non-absorbent . The gravity is 0.98, which is lighter than the absorbed wood liner, so it will not increase the rotational inertia and reactive powerof machine after replacing the plastic lining plate.

4. Smooth rope groove surface, easy installation, order arrangement of wire rope. It will not cause the rope cutting and rope skipping, which can increase the service life of wire rope.

Technical parameters:




Wear rate10-7cm3/Kgm


3 times higher than wood

Installation methods

  1.Preparation before installation

Before installation, the plastic lining plate should be deliveried to the installation site, and put them into order with marking numbers. It has two advantages: one is we can find the problem in time, the other is convenient for installation. The following tools and materials should be also prepared on site before installation.

  (1φ14 bench drill, two pieces;(2carpenter's flat plane, one piece;(3Abrasive wheel cutting machine, one piece;(4twist drill, one piece;5expanding drill, one piece;(6punch, two pieces;(7special boltssame quantity with wood liner)(8spring gasket;(9level bar, one piece.

 2. Installation procedures

  (1dissemble the ropes;(2dissemble the wood liner and check the coiling block;(3install and fix;(4dig the rope groove hole;(5use the filler to fill up the plastic lining plate.;(6install the rope, adjust and run.

Notes during the installation

1. The plastic lining plate with marked numbers are the datum , not allowed for cutting . If the plastic lining plate is too long, we can cut the side without marked numbers.   

2. Coiling blockbaffle is welding part, so during welding it will have different degree of deformation. We must find the datum linebefore installation.

3. The installation of plastic lining plates should use the level ruler as baseline, so the installation of first piece is very important. We must ensure the levelness and make the drilling hole in the middle position of plastic lining plates. If there is deviation.

4. We would better use the special bolt, flat gasket, spring gasket. If there is no special bolt, we can use six square-head bolt instead. The depth of plastic lining plate hole is 7mm-10mm from bolt head to rope groove.

5. During the installation, pay attention to the convex portion of welding.


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