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Germany imported GELB848 friction liner

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LUTZE company is the German production of multi rope friction hoist friction lining of the company, its products for the European LUWIPLASTGELB848 two production hoist company (Sweden ABB company and SIEMAG company of Germany) to provide support. There are a lot of domestic import hoist on the use of LUWIPLASTGELB848 friction pad.Friction liner is the key part of the multi rope friction hoist. Its performance directly affects the performance parameters, the lifting capacity and the safety reliability of the hoist.Friction liner material through the process of polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, polyurethane, thermosetting materials. The first three materials design friction coefficient in 0.2 ~ 0.23, after a more than 0.25 (i.e. high friction liner).High friction liner is divided into domestic high friction, imported materials to suppress high friction, pure imported high friction three, the user can choose according to the needs of. Tower hoist pad is a rope groove, floor type hoist pad two rope grooves, mainly for the turning rope groove is convenient, corresponding also improved the liner service life and the use of liner material. The fixing block and the pressing block are fixed on the friction wheel through bolts.

1 LUWIPLASTGELB848 friction wheel liner in the use of the mine and rope transportation equipment, for the transmission of the rope and the friction wheel between the power of the gear to ensure excellent friction coefficient.

2.LUWIPLASTGELB848 friction wheel lining is made of a kind of wear resistant thermosetting plastic material, is not sensitive to hot and cold, but also can guarantee the reliable coefficient of friction under the condition of changeable transportation and environment and equipment.

3 LUWIPLASTGELB848 friction wheel lining has been proved to be an excellent performance in the practice of cargo and passenger transport. It has been applied to various transport machinery and equipment in the world for several decades, which has been applied to the LUTZE principle.

                                                                                                                LUWIPLASTGELB848 friction wheel liner :

 Density g/cm3

 Hardness HD

 impact strength KJ/M2

tensile strength  Mpa

bending strength Mpa

Flexural modulus Mpa

elongation at break %

compressive strength Mpa









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