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Crusher wearparts

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ZTIC is the leader in offering wear solutions to crusher operators in China. We provide wear parts with designs and alloys specifically developed for each application and specific location within each crusher.Our crusher parts are made of manganese steel – the toughest and most wear-resistant steel available.  In addition to the crusher components listed above, we also make cast components for the crusher itself such as the pitman arm, side plates, cheek plates, etc.


Wear components for crushing processes are subjected to severe impact and high abrasion, requiring components made from impact resistant and abrasion resistant alloys.
We increase crusher availability through:
• Increased wear life

• Less on-going wear part maintenance

• Designs and tools for quicker change out

 1. Jaw crusher spares

Movable jaw plate,Fixed jaw plate,Lining plate,Grid plate,Spring seat, Adjusting seat,Tension rod,

JM Series - JM806, JM907, JM1107, JM1108, JM1208, JM1211, JM1312, JM1511, JM1513

CJ Series - CJ408,CJ409,CJ411,CJ412,CJ612,CJ613,CJ615,CJ815

CH Series - CH430(H3000、H3800)、CH440(H4000、H4800) CH660(H6000 、H6800)CH880(H8000 、H8800)

UJ Series - UJ310, UJ440i, UJ440E, UJ540, UJ640

CM Range - CM1208i, CM1208F, CM1211, CM1511

CITICIC replacement crusher jaws are engineered to last longer and crush more efficiently, while reducing wear and tear on the crusher.
The crusher jaws produce better quality rock more consistently than standard original equipment jaws, while reducing the need for re-screening and re-crushing. CITGIC offers a full range of options for all popular jaw crushers, including various tooth designs, curves and alloys.
CITICIC's crusher jaws give you:

Machined surfaces for a consistent fit with less hassle and downtime

Large selection of tooth and curve configurations for optimum performance in any application

Unsurpassed alloys for extended wear life and lower cost per ton

Toggle Plate

Cheek Plate

Jaw Wedges

Jaw Plate


2.Impact crusher spares

Blow Bars,Impact Plates,Liner Plates, Bearing Houses,Replacement Rotors, Bearings, Springs,Grinding Paths

CV series - CV215 | CV216 | CV217 | CV218 | CV228 | CV229


3.Cone Crusher Spares

Concave, Mantle, Mill liners, Points materials plate, locknut

Hydrocone® CH Series - CH420, QH330, CH430, CH440, CH660, CH780, CH880

Hydrocone® 1800 Series - H2800, H3800, H4800, H6800, H7800, H8800

Hydrocone® 1000 Series - H2000, H3000, H4000, H6000, H7000, H8000

Superior® CS Series - CS420, CS430, CS440, CS660

Superior® 1800 Series - S2800,S3800, S4800, S6800

Superior® 1000 Series - S2000, S3000, S4000, S6000


4.Gyratory crusher wearparts:

CITICIC through-hardened alloy concaves for maximum gyratory crusher up-time:
Our metallurgists were the first to successfully develop through-hardened alloy steel to replace traditional Hadfield manganese. We also worked with major crusher manufactures to develop safer lifting techniques for concaves

• Concaves
• Mantles
• Under crusher parts
• Rim liners
• Spider caps and arm guards
• Epoxy backing material
• Chamber optimization
• Oversize mantles design
• Installation and removal optimization
• Change-out forecast 

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5.Hammer crusher wearparts
We produce Hammers in One and Two-Piece styles, Grates, Breaker Blocks, Side Liners, Breaker Bar Sleeves, Rotor Hubs, Complete Rotor Assemblies, Top Cover Liners and Throat Collars.


• Breaker Blocks

• Side Liners

• Breaker Bar Sleeves

• Rotor Hubs

• Complete Rotor Assemblies

• Top Cover Liners

• Throat Collars 


6.Roll Crusher Wearparts

CITICIC produces Standard Roll Shells, although most customers choose our Oversize and Heavy Center Roll Shells because of the their longer life and resistance to caving. Smooth, Cleated and Corrugated surfaces are offered. Our standard manganese steel offers toughness and wear resistance with good weldability. We also produce Side Plates.




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