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Roller Press Roller

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Roller Presses: rollers, surfaces

Reduced wear by autogenous wear protection.

Grinding Rolls

CITICIC Roller Presses offer rollers with appropriate wear protection for almost all applications in the cement and minerals industry. The two-part roller consisting of shaft and tire allows for economical surface replacement, single part rollers are used for high temperature grinding:

  • Multi-layer welding enables long running times without stoppages.

  • The complete hard face welded surface is used for feed material of normal wear characteristic. Surface repair can be carried out quickly.

  • The surface with hard-alloy studs is used for extremely abrasive materials.

Product advantage:

  • 1. The press roller surface adopts hard alloy stud setting-in structure to increase the life time of the roller sleeve
    2. Universal coupling-planetary retarder-press roller to consist of shaft flexible drive system
    3. Compound structure of non-contact sealing and contact sealing are adopted at the side of the press roller
    4. Unique ellipse structure is used for the feeding pipe to make the feeding process smooth
    5. Oil spray lubrication system is used for the lubrication of the main bearing
    6. The main bearing adopts inner passage fully-sealing structure for cooling
    7. The hard alloy welding press roller surface or setting-in surface are available depending on the user’s need.

    Applicable scope

    1. Applicable for the mineral processing industry; it can be installed before the ball mill as pre-milling equipment or consist of mixing grinding system with ball mill.
    2. Applicable for oxide pellet industry instead of the common used damp mill.
    3. Applicable for building material and fire-proof material industry; successful application for the grinding of clinker, limestone and bauxite.


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