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Cylindrical Gear Reducer

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ZTIC can design and product all series cylindrical gear reducers used in building  materials  industry,  including JGF Centre drive two-stage parallel axis of hard-toothed surface reducer , MGF Centre drive level-three parallel axis of hard-toothed surface reducer, and MB More meshing edge drive reducer.


1998 - 2000Nm Reducer
1993 - Planetary Reducer - Model ZJ2240 (building materials industry)
1997 - Reducer - Model SZJ3500 (ship lifting)
2000 - Reducer - Model Kf300 (metallurgy)
2005 - Center Driving Reducer - Model JGF-355 (building materials industry)
2005 - Reducer - Model KRC2400 (metallurgy)
2005 - Herringbone Reducer - 850
2006 - Reducer - Model TGF1550 (sugar press)



CITICIC can design and product various types of ZZ series planet gear reducer, and ZJ series planet gear reducer which professionally for the mills of building industry. The ZZ series, including single-stage,two-stage,triple and single grade derived,the two-stage derived planetary gear reducer .The reducers are widely used in mining, metallurgy, petrol chemical, energy, building, lifting transport, etc.


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