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Straightening Machine

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Tube straightening machine and Bar straightening machine  

Citic company after many years of development practice, formed the straightening machine series product, straightening machine technology in the China advanced level, can satisfy the φ20 ~ φ680 mm metal pipe, bar straightening , straightening accuracy: 0.5/1000 mm.

CITIC straightening machine series products including JBL bar straightener and JGL tube straightening machine.

Tube straightening machine | bar straightener technical features :

Bring about straightening of tubes, bar yield limit range, up to 1300 mpa

Bring a wide range of straightening the diameter of the rod for  of Φ 20 ~ Φ 150 mm, tube for Φ 8 ~ Φ 680 mm

Bring about straightening accuracy is high, up to 0.4 per thousand

Bring about straightening speed is high, up to 3 m/s

Bring about the use of special roll shape curve of the design

Bring used to stress frame, good rigidity, light weight

Bring the main drive system driven by dc motor, thyristor power supply, stepless speed regulation

Bring all the main auxiliary work for industrial control and PCLS PLC control, can according to user requirements configuration closed loop and open loop control, and is equipped with the adjustment, manual and automatic control

Bring quick roll gap adjustment, and have the function of data memory and network transmission

Tube Straightening Machines

CITICIC offers several choices of machinery for straightening metal tube. Specifically the range of machines covers machines with 6 -11 rolls. All of our machines feature pairs of vertically opposed, driven rolls.

  • 6 - roll machines can straighten to at least 1 in 1000

  • 10 - roll precision machines straighten to at least 1 in 2500

Our history in the production of 6 roll rotary straightening machines goes back to the dawn of tube straightening. For many applications, 6 roll machines will continue to be the standard machine in use around the world.

Bar Straightening Machines

Precision round bar straightening & burnishing machines manufactured by Turner are of the two roll, adjustable angle type. This range of machinery is generically from Wyko, we continue to use the WVBR model references. These machines are recognized for the potential to precisely straighten ferrous and non-ferrous round bars. All machines are supplied with our over-load hydraulically operated system which prevents damage to the rolls or machine structure. This feature allows the operator to pre-set the load that is applied to the bar is it passes through the machine. The mechanical design of each model is extremely robust and the machines are suitable for heavy duty mill applications.

The machines feature all the latest Turner refinements and when married to our CASAM computer setting system are state of the art round bar straighteners.

The machines are complimented by a wide range of bar handling equipment that can be customized to suit customers needs.

With their extensive knowledge of metal straightening, our engineers are able to solve the majority of round bar straightening problems.

We are the straightening experts ... It's all we do!


Tube straightening machine and Bar straightening machineTechnical Data:

ModelNOModelStraight range correctionstraightening speed m/minStraightness m/mm
Min Tube Diameter
Max Tube DiametermmMax Tube ThicknessmmYield strength










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