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Rolling Mill

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Rolling Mill Machinery

  • For plate 
    (Medium-Thickness Plate Rolls, De-coiler Roll, Cold Continuous Rolls, Single-Stand Cold Rolls) 

  • For pipe 
    (Hot Piercers, Cold Tube Mills, Cold-Drawn Tube Mills) 

  • For Bar & Wire Mill, for finishing 
    (Leveler Set, Plate Straightener, Pipe & Bar Straightener)

CITICIC can design and product various specification advanced bars and wires/ strip mill, it widely applied to steel, aluminium metallurgical industry and so on.

CITICIC has, on its own, developed an Assel mill hot rolling line, an Accu-roll mill hot rolling line, a continuous rolling mill hot rolling line, a large diameter seamless pipe production line, all of which can meet the various demands of our customers. These lines are used for producing seamless tubes of various steel grades in sizes ranging from 48.3mm to 1200mm OD and with a wall thickness of 4.83 to 100mm, for OCTG tubes, energy pipes, line pipes, high-pressure boiler tubes and nuclear power pipes. Currently, OCTG tubes made in China have nearly overtaken similar products found abroad in variety, specifications, quantity and quality. As a result, most energy pipes, boiler tubes, and nuclear power pipes are produced in China.

The scope of design and supply by CITICIC covers the entire seamless tube mill plant from round solid billet to finished products, including billet preparation area, rotary hearth furnace area,piercing mill area, rolling mill area, sizing/reducing mill area, cooling bed area and finishing lines.

CITICIC has been a leading supplier of rolling mills and rolling mill ancillary and support equipment for many years. CITICIC's success in the rolling mill industry has been derived from the ability to supply rolling mill machinery for many applications, the capability to help customers in the analysis of their rolling mill machinery applications and the access to a large inventory of rolling mills located in our warehouses in the United States and in England. In addition, our loyal customers trust us to sell their rolling mills for them exclusively which increases the availability of mills for our new clients. 

The selection of the proper rolling mill for an application is essential to the success of any project and CITICIC'sexperience in this industry has aided customers in determining the proper rolling requirements for an application and the subsequent matching of the most appropriate used mill allowing for that success. We have successfully assisted clients with such diverse rolling mill applications as wire flattening and shaping, strip rolling, slab rolling, bonding, tempering as well as the rolling of foils, superconductors and powder applications

CITICIC's inventory includes rolling mills availability in any and all configurations needed for today's requirements such as 2HI, 4HI, 2HI/4HI set ups, Z-HIGH mills, 20-HIGH Cluster Mills, Planetary Mills as well as Bar and Rod rolling mills. In addition, mills are available as single stand or tandem lines, work roll driven or back up roll driven and with manual, electromechanical or hydraulic screwdowns. 
As important as the rolling mills are, without the use of the proper ancillary and support equipment the rolling project would not be successful. CITICIC carries a large inventory of the types of equipment needed to get the job done right. Uncoilers, recoilers, upenders, dancers (for speed and tension control), are but a few of the machines in stock for use with the rolling mills. In addition, various types of gaging equipment such as x-ray and contact gages are available to help our clients produce accurate rolling results from their mills as well as allow them to make the conversion to AGC (Automatic Gage Control) should their application warrant it.

CITICIC is the company that can satisfy all of your rolling mill requirements whether they are large or small. Please contact us with your application and allow our rolling mill machinery specialists assist you with the selection of the right mill.

Depending on the intended application, CITICIC designs customized long-product rolling mills for light and heavy standard sections such as H-Beams, I-Beams, Heavy And Light Angles, Rails and other special sections. We also build quality and stainless steel semi-product rolling mills for reversing or continuous operation as an optimized overall process, including the in-line heat treatment.

We are proud to highlight our efficient melting practices & modern casting methods as a result of which we come up with some of the best structural and blooming mills. These mills are excellent in functionality & are available in variety of specification depending upon the requirements of the client.


CITICIC PRODUCTS Leading ahead for its various types of products which are being used at international Glance. Now we are in process of establishing high production & high speed steel rolling mills. We undertake Turnkey Jobs for Supply of Complete Rolling Mills including Design, Manufacture, Supply and installation of the complete plant.

  Rolloing Mill Plant

• Basic Design & layout

• Consultancy

• Fully automatic / manual {as customer desired}

• High speed

• Producing 8 MM to 40 MM TMT bars

• High production

• Guiding, cutting, cooling, coiling & handling equipment

As a part Steel Rolling Mill Plants, we supply Cold Rolling Mills to our clients. A cold rolling mill is the key area of any cold complex and represents an important investment cost. J.C. STEEL is a pioneer in manufacturing and supplying of Cold Rolling Mill Equipment for rolling ferrous and nonferrous products. We produce these as per designs laid down by our engineers. We also produce as per specifications of the customers. For all types of medium & heavy mechanical engineering equipments, our cold rolling mills can be used. We are specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying Rolling Mill items and other steel plant equipments, as well as machinery for various other industries.

These mills are used for manufacture of aluminium/mild steel/stainless steel/copper/brass sheets & coils from which have many domestic & industrial applications like utensils, bodies of various items, cycle rims, pipe & tubes, bus bars, electrical switchgear, radiator strip, geysor tanks, chemical plants & vessels, filters in sugar mills, decorative items etc

•2450-5500mm Heavy & medium size plate rolling mills
•11 Rolls hot straightener  
•Double side trimming shear  
•Sizing shear  
•High pressure water descaling equipment  
•500、950、1250、1450、1580、1680、1780、2050、2250mm hot strip rolling mills  
•Down coiler  
•Crop shear  
•350-1800mm Cold rolling mills 
•1700mm Cold rolling mill line, pickling and galvanizing lines  
•Shearing group  
•250、350、400、500、650、750、850mm Medium and small size rolling mills  
•850/650mm Shape steel rolling mills  
•Heavy and medium size H beam steel rolling mills  
•Φ76-177mm Accu-Roll tube rolling mills and piercers  
•1300-2000mm Heavy & medium size slab continuous casting machines  
•Heavy and medium size beam blank & bloom continuous casting equipments  
•Thin slab continuous casting and rolling equipments  
•Duplicate blowing converter  
•Refining equipment outside the furnace  
•DC electrical arc furnace  
•Ladles and other smelting equipments


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