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Shaking Table

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Supply Ability:100 Set/Sets per Month


Production capacity:10-60t/h

Feature:Low energy consumption, Good efficiency, Simple operation

The shaking table is gravity separation equipment for sorting of fine materials, widely used for sorting tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, titanium and coal, etc..

The main structure
Shaking table is primarily composed by the bedside, motor, slope regulation device, bed, bunker, trough, rifle bar and lubrication systems.

Working Principle

Shaker beneficiation is by dint of the combined effects of mechanical slate symmetrical reciprocating motion and beveled thin layer of current on a tilt bed surface to make mineral particles be loosely layered on the bed surface, so that sort minerals according to the density .

Performance characteristics
The shaking table is a combination of the domestic shaker and gravity beneficiation technology, having high concentration ratio, good sorting efficiency, simple operation, etc., and can get final concentrate and final tailings once for all.
Compared with the traditional process, it has the advantage of no pharmacy, low energy consumption and easy management, with high performance and low cost.


Technical Data

NameUnitGrit concentrating tableFine sand concentrating tableSludge concentrating table
Driving part widthDegree185518551855
Concentrate part widthDegree154615461546
Max. feeding sizeDegree20.50.15
Feeding amountT/d30-6010-2015-25
Feeding thickness%25-3020-2515-25
Water quantityT/d80-15030-6010-17
Horizontal obliquityDegree2.5-4.51.5-3.51-2
Portrait obliquity%1.40.92----
Table board cornerDegree32-424042
Concentrating square----
Table board length ratio----
Motor powerKW1.11.11.1


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