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Crushing Stations

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Widely used in open-pit coalmines, metallurgical, non-ferrous metal and other semi-continuous mining processes CITIC HMC designa and manufactures world class crushing stations in fixed and semi moble designs.

Crushing Stations
1991 - Semi-Fixed Crushing Station - 2000tph
1992 - Semi-Fixed Crushing Station - 2100tph
2005 - Crushing Station - 2000tph
2005 - Crushing Station - 3000tph for Sweden LKAB

CITICIC large crushing plant main products are used in large open-pit coal mine of semi-continuous mining technology system, CITICIC was for, huolinhe, treasure, shearer open-pit coal mine, such as providing 1000-3000 t/h series fixed and semi-fixed crushing plant.
Large crushing plant 

semi -mobile crushing station
Fixed Crushing Station
crushing station
Mobile crushing station
volumem 3100120180
Working temperature-25~40

Production capacityt/h210020001400400~600
Main Crusher

Double tooth roll crusherSingle roller feeding CrusherDouble roller hammer crusher
Feed Sizemm<1500×1500×1500≤2000≤1500≤1500
Output sizemm≤300≤300≤25<150
Broken materialMPa≤150≤85limestone

PZY-400 Mobile crushing station 

    PZY - 400 mobile crushing station is mainly used in cement, chemical, metal, stone and other mines, used for crushing raw materials of complete sets of equipment, have the function of the classification, sorting, transshipment, the product is suitable for nissan 4000 tons of mine. Crushing plant in design by absorbing the advanced German technology, the structure finite element analysis and calculation, and developed a number of single machine equipment, hydraulic rock breaker, super-heavy vibration feeding sieve, rotating belt, etc.), are characterized by their smooth operation, mobile convenience, high efficiency, simple installation, low energy consumption, product technical level has reached the international advanced level of similar products.
PZY-400 Mobile crushing station mainly performance
ModelNOPZY—400 Mobile crushing station
Max Feed Size
m 31
Max Feed length
material stackt/m 31.4
Max productiont/h600
Discharge Sizemm<150


 Jaw type mobile crushing station

E-broken mobile crushing station is a new rock crushing equipment developed and launched by our company, which greatly expands the concept field of coarse crushing operation. The purpose of its design concept is to stand in the position of the customer, to eliminate the crushing site, the environment brought to the customer crushing operation obstacles as the primary solution

  To truly provide customers with efficient and low cost project operation hardware facilities.

(1) Integrated whole set of units Integrated unit equipment installation form, eliminate the complex site infrastructure installation work of separate components, reduce the consumption of materials and labor hours

  The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit improves the flexibility of site stationing.

(2) The mobile crushing station has high vehicle-mounted site, smaller body width than operating semi-trailer and smaller turning radius, which is convenient for ordinary highway driving and more convenient for driving in the rugged and harsh road environment in the crushing site. It saves time for quick entry into the site.

  It is more conducive to entering the reasonable construction area, and provides a more flexible space and reasonable layout for the overall crushing process.

 (3) Reduce the cost of material transportation Coarse crushing mobile crushing station can carry out on-site crushing of materials in the first line, eliminate the intermediate link of material transportation away from the site and then crushing, and greatly reduce the transportation cost of materials.

  In addition, the lengthening unit can directly send the broken materials into the transport hopper and turn away from the scene.

 (4) work directly effective integration series mobile crushing plant, can be used independently, can also according to customer the types of materials in the process, product requirements, providing a more flexible process configuration, meet user demands of mobile crushing, mobile screen classification, make production organization, logistics, transport more directly, to maximize the cost reduction.

 (5) Strong adaptability and flexible configuration of coarse crushing mobile crushing station. For coarse crushing and fine crushing screening system, a single unit can operate independently or flexibly form a system to configure units for joint operation.

  The side discharge of the hopper provides the flexibility of a variety of configurations for the transportation of screening materials. The diesel generator in the integrated unit configuration can not only supply power to the unit, but also provide combined power to the process system.

(6) Reliable performance and convenient maintenance of coarse crushing mobile crushing station, equipped with PE series jaw crusher, high crushing efficiency, versatility, excellent crushing product quality, light and reasonable structure design, excellent crushing performance. Reliable and stable quality assurance, for the vast number of new and old customers at home and abroad to establish a good quality reputation, not only mature technology, easy to operate and maintain, but also on the transport volume, material size and abrasive properties have a good adaptability and safety reliability, integrated unit configuration, installation and maintenance is convenient and reasonable.


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