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Titanium Dioxide Kiln

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Titanium Dioxide Kiln Working Principles: 
The filtered titanium dioxide hydrolysate is sent to the tail of titanium dioxide rotary kiln with certain inclination. The combustion mixing chamber at the end of kiln head can send clean flame and hot air into the kiln body to dehydrate and calcine filter cake. After the hydrolyzed titanium dioxide filter cake has been hydrated at a temperature more than 1000℃, and calcined, under the help of titanium dioxide rotary kiln, it can roll along the circumferential direction as well as move along the axial direction from the high end to lower end until it finally finishes dehydration and calcination. Finally, the dehydrated and calcined titanium dioxide will be sent to a cooler through the double hydraulic discharge valve. The cooled and screened material is final titanium dioxide products.

ZTIC Titanium Dioxide Rotary Kiln technical characteristics:
    ● Kiln body is made of high quality composed of carbon steel or alloy steel plate and automatic welding;
    ● Tyre、Support Roller、Open gear adopts alloy cast steel;
    ● Sliding bearing with large gap not scraping tile bearing;                 
    ● Transmission device adopts hard tooth surface reducer, flexible diaphragm coupling, dc motor;
    ● Adopts hydraulic gear wheel;
    ● Preheater scales were used respectively to veiw of kiln head, and cylinder pressure tight seal;     
    ● A slow drive device.


Titanium Dioxide Kiln Technical Parameters:

No.Specification (m)Drawing numberBasic specificationMain reducerMain motorThrust roller typeSupporting bearingWeight (t)
Rotating speed  (r/min)Slope (%)Output (t/d)ModelPower  (kW)Rotating (r/min)
1Φ2.4×38(T929)0.2 ~0.62.230ZS125301470MechanicalRolling150
2Φ2.8×53J9200.1 ~0.3450ZS145221470MechanicalRolling271
3Φ3.2×55J931A0.1 ~0.3467ZS165551470HydraulicRolling275.4


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