Our market share in China reaches 95%.
The Dia 4m x 11.7m Horizontal Rotary furnace used in Guixi Smelting Plant, Jiangxi province is the largest in the world.


CITIC HIC has been working on the development and service for the Metallurgical Industry for a long time, and has successfully supplied products to customers home and abroad.


Some examples of such products include:

The equipment required prior to the steel making process:

  • For mining (Shaft Drilling Machines, Hoists)
  • For mineral separation (large-sized Crushers, large-sized Ball Mills)
  • Oxidized Pellet Kilns
  • HP Roller Mills
  • Active Lime Turnkey Projects.

Metallurgical Equipment


Rolling Equipment

  • For plate
    (Medium-Thickness Plate Rolls, De-coiler Roll, Cold Continuous Rolls, Single-Stand Cold Rolls)
  • For pipe
    (Hot Piercers, Cold Tube Mills, Cold-Drawn Tube Mills)
  • For Bar & Wire Mill, for finishing
    (Leveler Set, Plate Straightener, Pipe & Bar Straightener)

Equipment for Active Lime Turnkey Projects

We design, manufacture and install all the equipment used in a 600-1200 t/d active lime production line and can accept any Turnkey Projects. Our market share in this industry is over 70%. The equipment designed and supplied for 1000t/d active lime project for Taiyuan Iron & Steel Group is the largest in China.

Oxidized Pellet Kiln

We provided an Oxidized Pellet Kiln for a 1.2-5 million t/y production line for Wugang Co. The kiln dimensions are Dia 6.854m x 47.2m and it has been labeled “The King of the World”.

Bar Mill & Wire Mill

We can design and supply Turnkey Projects of 150,000-800,000 t/y Bar Mills and Wire Mills. A Turnkey Project of 160,000t/y for AC Plant in the Philippines in 1995 was highly apprised by the President of the Philippines.

Plate Mill & Strip Mill

We provide various size medium-thickness Plate Mills, Strip Roll and De-coiler Mills etc. the De-coiler Mill for POSCO, Korea was successfully completed and trial-run. This Mill was well received by the customer.

High-speed Cold Reduction Mill

We have made more than 200 cold tube mills in our LG range. Among them are: LG-90-GHL, LG-180-H, LG-220-H high-speed long travelling ring-pass cold tube mills. These Mills are the front runner in their category in China.

Tubing & Bar Straightener

We can supply Tubing & Bar Straighteners for diameters in the range of 20mm to 680mm. Our market share for this product is over 80%. The JGL-680 6-roll Pipe Straightener is the largest in the world.