Oxidized Pellet Kiln

Oxidized Pellet Rotary Kiln,Rotary Kiln

Oxidizing Pellet Kiln
2003 - Oxidizing Pellet Kiln Ø5.0m x 33m
2005 - Oxidizing Pellet Kiln Ø6.58m x 47.2m, called “The World Kiln King”, for Wugang steel Works

Oxidized Pellet Kiln Description:
Our oxidized pellet rotary kiln is typically designed to provide high-quality pellets for blast-furnace ironmaking. And it's able to help to improve productivity, as well as to protect environment.

Our oxidized pellet rotary kiln mainly consists of rotating part, supporting part, kiln head cover, sealing parts of kiln head and end, and burning device.

The guard boards of kiln mouth employ individual cast, thus easy to install. And they have good heat-resistant quality as well as wear-resisting property.
  ZTIC Oxidized Pellet Rotary Kiln technical characteristics:
● Kiln body is made of high quality composed of carbon steel or alloy steel plate and automatic welding;
    ● Tyre、Support Roller、
Open gear adopts alloy cast steel;
Sliding bearing with large gap not scraping tile bearing;                
    ● Transmission device adopts hard tooth surface reducer, flexible diaphragm coupling, dc motor;
    ● Adopts hydraulic gear wheel;
Preheater scales were used respectively to veiw of kiln head, and cylinder pressure tight seal;    
A slow drive device.

Oxidized Pellet KilnTechnical Parameters:

Name Specification Capacity (t/h) Power(KW)
Rotary dryer Φ1.8×14m 30-40 22
Φ2×14m 40-60 22
Φ2.2×12m 50-55 55
Φ2.2×16m 40-45 75
Φ2.4×18m 45-60 95
Φ3×20m 160 220
Φ3.6×24m 150 250
Φ4.2×25m 250 315
Disc balling machine Φ3.6m 18-20 22
Φ4.2m 28-33 55
Φ4.5m 35-45 75
Φ5.5m 40-60 110
Φ6m 65-70 110
Chain grate heater 1.6×24m 100,000-200,000tons/year 15
2.4×24m 300,000tons/year 11
2.8×36m 400,000-600,000tons/year 18.5
2.8×42m 400,000-600,000tons/year 18.5
Rotary kiln Φ2.2×18m 10-12 45
Φ2.5×20m 18-25 30
Φ2.8×22m 30-34 90
Φ3×28m 40 90
Φ3.5×30m 50 220
Φ4×30m 90 190
Φ4.7×35m 140-180 315
Φ5×35m 165-202 315
Φ6.1×40m 226-335 315
Oxidized pellet rotary kiln 20m 2 40 7.5×2
30m 2 40-60 11×2
40m 2 90 15×2
50m 2 112 15×2
69m 2 130-160 11×2
121m 2 270-304 15×2
128m 2 280-315 18.5×2
Sintering pellet cooler 140m 2 302 11×2

Note: Specific parameters should refer to particular contract.

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