mine hoist parts

mine hoist  partsmine hoist  parts

Elevator polyurethane products

The company can produce all kinds of polyurethane products used for mine hoist.

1Polyurethane friction pad: under the condition of coated with special friction grease for wire rope, the friction coefficient is greater than 0.20, which is in line with the special technical conditions of friction lining of general multi rope friction hoist;

2The polyurethane cage guide wheel of mine hoist (Guan Er), the strength and wear resistance are greatly higher than that of rubber products;

3 Single rope winding mine hoist, ground multi rope friction hoist hand pad, tower type multi rope friction hoist guide wheel liner service life is 3-5 times higher than the general PVC liner;

4 Various elastic couplings of polyurethane elastomer;

5 The leading wheel liner, polyurethane and other tugboat polyurethane elastomer parts.