About US


Our Values

A Foundation of Trust
Trust and reputation are a channel in the success and prosperity of ZTIC. Through valued employee loyalty and expertise ZTIC gives its customers a high degree of confidence. Through a foundation of trust and reputation ZTIC's social responsibilities result in win-win outcomes.

Customer Satisfaction
Customers insure the future of ZTIC, and therefore CITIC's customers satisfaction will always be crucial. ZTIC  prides itself in its customers achieving their goals successfully.

Reform and Innovation
Customer requirements change over time, along with the changes to market conditions. It is a reflection of a successful organization to use reform and innovation to adapt to the market and lead. Reform and innovation is a motivation to improve the performance of ZTIC

Experienced and successful management, relies on a meticulous analysis of the detail in every interconnected element of the company. Focusing on the intricate details of every production process ensures product quality. Therefore, experienced and successful management is essential for product quality. This in turn results in the self forfilling culture of quality in the company.